maanantai 14. maaliskuuta 2016

Extreme-TdT in co-operation with Offroad Finnmark!

See also previous information about TdT-Extreme 2016: letter #1 & letter #2
And then.. Good news for everyone participating this years TdT-Extreme:

  The event is in co-operation with Offroad Finnmark, a long-distance MTB adventure race in Northern Norway, and serves as a good preparation for ultra races for later months. As a prize for those who survive the Extreme-TdT they want to give an excellent prize: two pieces of participations to 300km Offroad Finnmark –race in year 2016 (value: 4000NOK (about 450 euros) per participation). If there are more than two survivors who want to take part to Offroad Finnmark, we make a lottery after the event.

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