lauantai 2. tammikuuta 2016

The Second Chance: Extreme –Tour de Tampere 27.5.2016

Extreme –Tour de Tampere 27.5.2016


-          Guided ultradistance Mtb tour, approximately 23 hours of riding singletracks and gravel roads somewhere around Tampere region.
-          Distance: 300km (there lies earlier routes which willbe quite similar: North loop to Jämi ( there will also be a new 15km’s extra track to Nokia) and south loop around Lake Roine.
-          This is a part of XXI Tour de Tampere (TdT). There will be many quided groups for mountain bikers, but this group will be the opportunity to do an insane distance with other ultrabikers. That’s why we start 15 hours before others, who start their own tour at 10.00 am. on Saturday.
-          Some things about last years extreme-TdT:
o   Video by Ari Autio
o   Feelings after first TdT-Extreme here.


-          Start- and finishline lies in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. Address: Ilmailunkatu 20, 33900 Tampere, Finland


-          Friday 27.5. – Saturday 28.5.2016
-          The ride starts 19.00 in Friday and comes to an end about 18.00 o’clock on Saturday.

For Who?

-          Ultradistance experienced mountain bikers, with quite a good technical skills. There is also some stretches of single track including rocks and roots. Especially you should be able to carry about 5 kg’s of liquid, bars, extraclothes, spare parts etc. in your backpack during the tour.


-     If you're planning to do some ultradistance mountainbike race or adventure race (for example OFFROADFINNMARK) during this summer, this is a good chance to have very demanding exercise by bike.

What else?

-          There will be some service places during the ride, but you should also carry some food, drink and technical spare parts with you.
-          Limited amount of participants, 20 riders.
-          If you are interested to be a part of this group, please contact for more information.

ps. Next newsletter for TdT-Extreme 2016 will be released in February 2016.